Shipping & Returns

Shipping is provided through UPS and is calculated at checkout determined by the quantity, weight, and package size of your order.

Delivery times are listed within the Order Fulfillment section of our Process page, outlining when your items will ship, depending on item type. Please review the order schedule that is supplied upon the placement of your order, confirming the shipping date of your items. Erika Jack Design is located in Virginia, and ships to customers worldwide. Tracking information is provided with every package.

International shipments are subject to duties and taxes determined by the country to which we are shipping, and will be assessed by your local customs bureau. EJD is unable to offer information regarding importation fees, and strongly encourages you to inquire with your local customs bureau for information prior to placing an order. These fees are the sole responsibility of the customer, and will not be represented in your cart upon placing your order. EJD orders and associated shipping fees are non-refundable.